Is E Bay A Great Place To Find A Suppliers Wholesale List?}

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Anyone can certainly find a suppliers wholesale list online. From free business sources to paid sources that get you all kind of distributors and suppliers to resale merchandise for a profit. Problem being, most of these sources offered, everyone either has them or such sources are actually outdated.

The next options people tend to lean are auction sites, especially eBay. When you are looking for immediate bargains, eBay is one of the greatest places to find quality at reasonable and bargain prices. Auction sites, like eBay, are one of the best places to dispose unwanted personal merchandise, sell items like in flea markets instead of doing it offline and auctions like eBay are great for resale. Since it is great for resale at reasonable fees people tend to look for a suppliers wholesale list in such auction portal.

Is it good or bad to buy a list of wholesale sources on eBay? One of the first things to consider when buying a list of distributors is where you getting such information. If the information source is giving information in order to turn a profit, just ask yourself why is he or she giving such information and what does he win out of it? Money, most likely and ok on a case by case!

But when it comes to a list of sources if the person is selling it to you and the actual seller is a middleman, note that you will be getting a lower resale profit since the supplier and then the seller as a middleman wins a small margin profit. So why not buy direct? The best sources are not found for free.

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Why most wholesale list sources are hidden and out of reach for most small businesses? Mainly, they do not advertise themselves like fortune 500 companies and number two, if they’ve two or three big fish as monthly buyers they are already busy fulfilling orders. These sources are found by pros and since serious business owners find them, suppliers keep busy without need to substantially advertise. As these distributors and suppliers grow the facts change, but they are unlikely to be ranked number 1 on Google or Yahoo for the product you are intending to buy, it is just highly unlikely.

So what are some solutions for getting the best suppliers, distributors and wholesalers? Look for the sources yourself one-by-one and test them out yourself. By testing all the sources yourself, meaning. You contact them, wait for a reply, establish quotes or a sample deal to arrive to you and see if they will deliver on what they promise. Yes, it is a process and it does take time. But it is a surefire winning way as far assurance goes.

The other smart option would be getting a list of sources from people who have been in the wholesale business for years and who are established experts in the niche you are intending to sell to. This option has more advantages then disadvantages. Among those; you do not trade time for money, you get what you immediately intend to get which are sources to buy cheap quality merchandise in order to resale it or keep it to yourself and you can go right into business.

Question now would be; how much are you willing to pay for the best wholesale list of suppliers on the internet? A dollar, twenty dollars, ninety seven dollars or three hundred dollars like I’ve done so in the past for the sake of getting better business?

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