The History Of The Broan Company

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The Broan replacement parts company began during the Great Depression. Two men would eventually join together to create products for the housing industry. In 1932, the first of these companies was created. It was a kitchen fan that provided ventilation without making a great deal of noise in the space. The second company developed their product, a door chime that was intended to replace the door buzzer, was created. Today, these same high-quality ventilation products are made by the company. They sell Broan spare parts for their merchandise so homeowners can keep their equipment running efficiently for many years.

The companies had their headquarters in the Midwest, the heart of the country. They began as just a small company with basic, usable products and a few employees. As the companies grew, their product lines also grew. The two companies revolutionized a lot of things about houses and the systems and items that make homes comfortable. Their products were high quality and loved by consumers around the country. The goal of many of the products was to make life more convenient and healthier inside of the home. Thought the range of the different products made by each company seemed wide; the truth was their ultimate goal was the same. To make homeowners happy with products that was convenient, affordable, and well made. That tradition still continues today in everything the company designs and manufactures.

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It was in 1981 when each of the companies was purchased by another and another and eventually, they joined together. Through acquisitions and buyouts, they eventually joined together to form one company. By 2000, they were fully working together as a single entity. They are located in Wisconsin and offer employment to more than 3,000 people. They have locations around the country, throughout eight other countries, and are spread out over three continents. They are known as this continent s leading producers of ventilation products.

The vast product range from the company includes ventilation fans, range hoods, indoor air products, central vacuum cleaners, built-in electrical heaters, whole-house fans, attic fans, paddle fans, and of course, door chimes. They also manufacture intercom machines, medicine cabinets, trash compactors, ironing centers, and speakers. Anything that makes a home more comfortable and convenient is right up their alley, even today. They also have several private label products for well-known brands such as GE, Whirlpool, and Sears/Kenmore. It is easy to find their products and a lot of builders and contractors know they provide quality items, so they are willing to work with the company time and time again.

Chances are; there is a product made by this company in your home. They sell to major home renovation retailers such as Lowe s, Menard s, and Home Depot. They are found at independent home stores, lumberyards, HVAC distributing companies, and in several other areas of retail. They were recently introduced into the European marketplace and are solid competitors in retail shops worldwide. The stories of the companies are fascinating and show how a small business idea can grow into a multi-national manufacturing corporation.

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